Fran Miller Ph.D. - Licensed Psychologist

Courage Facing Fears

It is important to take time in therapy to consider the importance of naming, facing, and dealing with our fears. In “My Struggle to Become a Zen Monk” Morinaga Soko said, “Real courage is enduring and holding firm in the face of one’s own faint-heartedness.” In therapy there are two aspects of working on fears: the practical and the cognitive/ emotional. It is important and necessary to consider what changes or actions need to be taken with regard to a particular fear as well as the way one is over-focusing on the fear.

It is helpful to learn how to practice the meditation of opposites, a personal mantra, which will help you to focus on positive and calming thoughts rather than dwelling on and expanding your fearful thinking. We can also learn that instead of trying to eliminate all of the sources and causes of our fears, that we can develop the strength to face them, accept them, and live our lives without our fears holding us back.