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Here are some articles that I have written for local publications or for clients.

  1. A Thought Provoking List
  2. Happiness and Health in 2000
  3. Revising a Business Plan in a Difficult Time
  4. Finding a Serious Relationship on the Internet
  5. Managing Stress and Reducing Anxiety
  6. Reducing Anxiety with Surprising Results
  7. How To Begin and Maintain a Healthy Relationship
  8. Solving Marriage Problems
  9. Problems, Setbacks, and Barriers
  10. Self Esteem
  11. Emotional Management
  12. Futility and Meaning
  13. In Memory of Bear
  14. My Llhasa Apso Dog, Bodhi
  15. Body, Mind, Spirit
  16. Becoming Free: Pleasant and Painful Feelings
  17. Transitions
  18. Letting Go and Letting Be: Psychological and Buddhist Efforts
  19. Beginning Mindfulness Practice
  20. The Importance of Meditation Postures
  21. Impermanence
  22. Inner Peace
  23. Extravagant Kindness: A Reflection
  24. Reflections on Joy


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