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Fran Miller, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

"When you reflect on the infinite number of happenstances that coalesced to produce you, then you understand how unique, how precious, how sacred you really are. Your task is to cultivate that precious, sacred nature and help it to flower."   Robert Aitken, Roshi   

We all are continuing to find our way through the pandemic; some of us are making our way with good fortune, and some of us with grief and loss. I am continuing to use for telehealth (a hippa-compliant website), and it has been working out better than I thought. Perhaps soon I will be able to do some in person sessions. One of the advantages of telehealth is that I have been able to add clients who are out of the immediate Portland area.

I have 26 articles on this website's Articles Page that have a wealth of information on a variety of topics. In addition, soon I will be adding two or three articles related to our experiences and challenges with the pandemic. My articles are also a good way to get a sense of my professional work, interests, and areas of expertise.

I am a licensed psychologist with an independent practice at two locations in Portland, Oregon.  I specialize in integrating psychological and spiritual growth, and work with people of all religious and spiritual beliefs, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern. My own background is Protestant, Catholic, and Zen Buddhist.  

The focus of my clinical work includes formation and clarification of identity, development of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, post trauma, loss and grief, creativity, artists' issues, career development, religious, existential and spiritual issues, mindfulness practice, and meditation.  

If you are interested in psychotherapy, please call or text me at 503-704-7974. Please remember to include your insurance company if you are using insurance, and give me some of he following information: your age, education, work, family circumstances, and emotional status. That will help me determine if I would be an appropriate therapist for you.

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Tel: 503-704-7974
Portland Office Addresses:

NW Wood Rose Loop
Portland, 97229
Off Miller, Near Cornell

811 NW 20th Avenue
Portland, 97209

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