Telephone Consultations

If you would like a telephone consultation please call 503-704-7974 or email [email protected].


It is very frustrating to address psychological and spiritual growth in two separate arenas and if help is needed, to seek help from two different consultants – usually a psychotherapist and a minister or spiritual director. I specialize in bringing the two areas of growth and development together and interweaving attention to both areas. Though I work with clients of many religious and spiritual traditions, the focus of my own study and practice is on the integration of psychotherapy and spiritual growth with the aid of Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice.  


Psychological growth and spiritual development takes place within the three phases of 1) disorder and addiction, 2) existential issues of isolation, meaning, willing, responsibility, and death; and 3) spiritual development. Psychotherapy and consultation can address each of these phases in both a consecutive and interwoven fashion. Each area of development beautifully enhances and facilitates the others.  

Integrated Psychotherapy

I work sometimes with just a focus on psychological issues. But as therapy progresses, inevitably some spiritual issues come up. It is helpful to be able to address both areas with the same professional, and to work with each issue that comes up in an integrated way. I address issues that regularly come up in the growth process, looking at each one from the psychological and then the spiritual/Zen Buddhist perspective.   Whether you are working on matters that contribute to anxiety or depression, self-esteem, career development, creativity, or any of the other reasons that you might be coming to therapy, we can address each issue from both perspectives. My clients have very different religious and spiritual perspectives. I work with them within the context that is their framework. It may be Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, or Eastern.  


In my writing, I define spirituality according to the phrase quoted of Yamada Koun Roshi, “The practice of Zen is the perfection of character.” Spirituality is not an interest in something. It is not talking about or reading something. Spirituality is not even dreaming about something. Spirituality is actually working towards integrating values into one’s life, and manifesting those values as behavior. It is being something. When interest, talking, reading, and dreaming moves into behavior, begins to be integrated into behavior, that is when the real work begins. I specialize in helping you with this process.  

Fees for a telephone consultation will be arranged prior to the consultation. There will be no fee for a short consultation of ten minutes or less. I try to charge a minimal or reduced fee for telephone consultations.