About Dr. Miller


I am a licensed psychologist with an independent practice in Portland, Oregon. The focus of my clinical work includes anxiety, depression, identity formation, self-esteem, family issues, loss and grief, personality issues, communication skills, creativity, career development, religious, existential, and spiritual issues, and meditation.


I received my Master’s Degree in Professional Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, in 1977 and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the United States International University, San Diego, California, in 1980. I am licensed in three states, Oregon (active), California (inactive), and Washington (inactive). I have had an interest in and studied Zen Buddhism for many years, and I trained with Robert Aitken, Roshi, for the last six years before he retired.


I often work with just a focus on psychological issues. But as therapy progresses, sometimes existential or spiritual issues come up. Oftentimes, we talk about psychological and religious/spiritual issues with two different people. It is helpful to be able to address both areas with the same professional, and to work with each issue that comes up in an integrated way. My clients have very different religious and spiritual perspectives. I work with them within the context that is their individual preference.


I specialize in integrating psychological and spiritual growth, and I work with people of all religious and spiritual beliefs (Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern). I provide psychotherapy, consultation, and spiritual direction. My own background is Protestant, Catholic, and Buddhist. As a basis for spiritual work, I like to refer to a quote from Yamada Koun Roshi, “The practice of Zen is the perfection of character.” Spirituality is not an interest in something, It is not talking about or reading something. Spirituality is actually working towards integrating values into one’s life. It is being something. When interest, talking, and reading, moves into behavior, begins to be integrated into behavior, that is when the real work begins. I specialize in helping you with this process.


In 1987 (ancient history) I began formal Zen meditation practice. I sat in meditation with Seven Thunders at Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Trappist Abbey in Lafayette, Oregon from 1987 to 1989. I sat and trained with the Dharma Rain Zen Center in Portland from 1989 to 1991. I trained with Robert Aitken, Roshi, a world renowned Zen Master at the Honolulu Diamond Sangha from 1991 to 1997. I continued to occasionally visit and see Robert Aitken until he passed away in 2010. In 1997 I entered the three month practice period at Green Gulch Farm, part of the San Francisco Zen Center. I continue to study Zen Buddhism, and have a daily meditation practice.

I look forward to hearing about the issues that concern you, both psychologically, and also if you are interested, with regard to spirituality.